Here are responses from the Money Doctor on topics related to retirement planning.

  1. How do I know my financial advisor has my best interest in mind?
  2. When should I start collecting Social Security?
  3. How can I protect a 457b plan if my spouse or I ever need long-term care?
  4. When is the best time to receive Social Security benefits?
  5. What problems may arise from failing to report a life estate to SSI?
  6. When looking toward my retirement, should I choose a single life annuity or a qualified joint savings annuity?
  7. What are the options for a beneficiary of an inherited IRA after the owner’s death?
  8. How does your name on a home deed or refinance affect benefits for nursing home care?
  9. How should I preserve my assets from Medicare or a nursing home?
  10. How can part-time employees plan for retirement?
  11. Can a Roth IRA be fully withdrawn in one transaction or are installments required?
  12. How do Social Security survivor benefits work?
  13. Why am I not receiving a Social Security survivor benefit?
  14. Can you retire without Social Security Benefits?
  15. I own a small business, however, I am not taking any payroll. How do I earn credits for Social Security?
  16. What are the restrictions of opening a SEP IRA plan for only the owners of a small business?
  17. Can I roll an inherited 401(k) account into an IRA in my name?
  18. What complications might I face when taking distributions from an account with comingled funds?
  19. How much should I save each month toward my retirement and what is the best vehicle to do so?
  20. When am I required to take my required minimum distribution (RMD)?
  21. Why can’t I withdraw the basis from my IRA after taking the RMD?
  22. Can I convert my required minimum distribution (RMD) from my IRA into a Roth IRA?
  23. How can I lessen the impact on my taxes after taking my required minimum distribution (RMD)?
  24. I have a Roth 401(k) and two Roth IRAs. Is this ok? What contribution limits do I have?
  25. How much should I contribute to my 403b to retire at age 65? Should I contribute to a Roth IRA also?
  26. Should I take a spousal deduction from my pension or take the full pension and open a life insurance policy?
  27. What online retirement calculator would you recommend?