Here are specific questions associated with education planning that have been answered by the Money Doctor.

  1. How do I know which schools are covered if I open a 529 for my granddaughter?
  2. Why does my child have to use my income when applying for student aid?
  3. How can I help my nephew’s child pay for college and write the money off without paying taxes on the money? 
  4. Should I consider opening up a Coverdell Education Savings Account for my young daughter’s tuition?
  5. What are the tax consequences of changing the owner of a 529 Plan?
  6. Will money in my savings account affect the financial aid my child is eligible for?
  7. How can I help build an educational fund for my young grandchildren?
  8. Are tax credits available for grandparents looking to pay expenses for private primary or secondary schooling?
  9. Can funds from a 529 plan be used for primary school expenses now?
  10. Where should I invest money for my children’s college fund?
  11. Can you front load a 529 plan after 5 years, following an initial 5-year front load?
  12. How can I save for my grandchild’s education if they live in a different state?
  13. Would hiring an “education consultant” for my children count as a qualified expense under a 529 Plan?
  14. How can I minimize the effect of an inheritance when applying for financial aid?
  15. Is it better to have money saved for college in a Coverdell IRA or a 529 Plan when applying for financial aid?
  16. How does co-signing a student loan affect my credit score?
  17. How are parental assets calculated toward student aid in a divorce situation with 50/50 custody?
  18. Can money from my younger child’s Coverdell account be rolled into a 529 plan for my older child?
  19. What are the modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) limits for contributions to a Coverdell Education Savings account?
  20. Is a whole life insurance policy a good tool to help save for college tuition?
  21. Will applying for a parent plus loan for my child negatively affect me getting financial aid for myself?
  22. How will delinquencies in my student loan payments affect my credit score?
  23. Where can I find college tax planning help?
  24. What percentage of the total college cost should I save?
  25. Can I receive the state tax credit on a rollover from a Coverdell IRA to a 529 Plan?
  26. What options do I have when transferring schools but a debit still remains at the existing school?
  27. Can funds from a 529 Plan be used for education expenses outside of the US?
  28. Can a PLUS loan be renegotiated to adjust interest rates?
  29. Both of my parents have passed away. What college funding is available to me?
  30. Can a 529 Plan be rolled into a Coverdell ESA?
  31. What advice can you provide to pay down student loans faster when paying extra isn’t an option?
  32. Can Social Security survivor benefits be extended if the recipient is enrolled in college full time?
  33. What options do we have to pay for college if we have no credit?
  34. What is the best way to save for college?
  35. Can I cash out a Coverdell ESA? What are the tax liabilities and penalties?