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At Compass Wealth, your financial needs always come first. We discuss your current situation, concerns and goals before we provide any type of financial advice or services – we are advisors, not salesmen.

Our next step is the development of a financial strategy that is based on your input and our collective experiences.

Then we coordinate the implementation of an integrated strategy that has one clearly defined focus – to help achieve your most important financial goals.

  • Financial security during working years
  • Sending your children or grandchildren to the right schools
  • An enhanced current lifestyle
  • Retirement on the date that you select
  • Protecting your preferred standard of living during retirement years
  • Achieving financial security late in life when you need it the most

What We Do

You need multiple services that help you accumulate and preserve assets for your future use. We provide core wealth management services:

  • Financial Planning Advice & Services
    • College, Retirement, Estate, Charitable
  • Investment Advice & Services
    • Strategy, Manager Selection, Performance Reports
  • Risk Management Products
    • Long-Term Care, Life, Disability
  • Legal advice is not provided
  • Tax Planning & Management
    • Planning, Reporting: Provided by Chapman & Co., P.C.

We provide separate and fully integrated combinations of financial advice and services to our clients. 

More about our financial planning services…..

Financial planning is your roadmap for achieving your financial hopes and dreams.

We help you create the map then we help you implement it. Our role is to keep you on track so you achieve your financial goals.

More about our investment advice…..

At the end of the day, you need to accumulate assets during your working years and preserve the value of those assets during your retirement years. Protecting principal is the key to maximizing current and future income.

Our role is to understand your investment horizon, tolerance for risk, and rate of return objective. Then we develop a strategy that maximizes the probability you will achieve those goals.

We help you make key decisions; for example, asset allocation and money manager selection. Then we monitor your results, report performance, and make recommendations as needed.

More about tax planning…..

At Compass Wealth, our sister company, Chapman & Co., P.C., provides a complete array of tax services tailored specifically for the needs of successful individuals and families. Understanding tax law, staying current on changes, and finding opportunities to minimize taxes takes a full-time commitment from a team of experienced professionals.

Our experienced professionals provide the guidance you need to minimize taxes and preserve the value of your estate.

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