Money Doctor Q & A

Robert Chapman, CPA, PFS, Compass Wealth, LLC, was named a Money Doctor with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in 2011. He frequently responds to questions posted online from consumers regarding their financial planning issues. The program is offered as a public service.

Dec 2015:  Mortgage and Surviving Spouse

Oct 2015:  Long Term Care balance

Oct 2015: Tax Forms for an Inheritance

Sept 2015:  Unaffordable Car Payments

Sep 2015:  Starting Over With Debt

Aug 2015:  Funding a Grandchild's 529

Aug 2015:  Life Estate Affecting SSI

Jul 2015:  Life Insurance Surrender Value Tax Effects

Jul 2015:  Pension Options

Jun 2015:  Funding Education Consultants

Jun 2015:  Inheritance Effect on Financial Aid

Jun 2015:  Coverdell IRA

Jun 2015:  Cosigning Student Loans

Jun 2015:  Beneficiary Rights

Apr 2015:  Calculating Financial Aid

Mar 2015:  Changing Coverdell Beneficiaries

Feb 2015: Coverdell Educational Savings Plans

Feb 2015:  Interest on Insurance Policy

Jan 2014:  Prioritizing Excess Funds

Dec 2014:  Married Investor with Beneficiary Other than Spouse

Nov 2014:  First-Time Home Buyer

Oct 2014:  Non-Custodial Parent Claiming Child on Return

Sep 2014:  Improving Credit Score

Sep 2014:  Refinancing Options With Poor Credit

Aug 2014:  Beneficiaries of Inherited IRAs

Jul 2014:  Filing Chapter 13

May 2014:  Financial Aid Strategies

Apr 2014:  First-Time Tax Filer

Mar 2014:  Gifting Restrictions

Mar 2014:  Homeowners' Insurance

Mar 2014:  Combining 1st and 2nd Mortgages

Feb 2014:  When Medicaid Coverage Can Be Affected

Jan 2014:  Re-Establishing Credit

Dec 2013:  Delinquent Payments on Student Loan

Nov 2013:  College Tax Credits

Oct 2013:  Saving for College

Sep 2013:  Methods for Paying Credit Card Balances

Sep 2013:  2013 Tax Changes

Aug 2013:  Long-Term vs. Short-Term Planning

Jul 2013:  Benefits of Tax Planning

Jul 2013:  Short Sale

Jul 2013:  Mortgage Principal

Jul 2013:  Types of Bankruptcy

Jun 2013: Purchasing a Home Following a Bankruptcy

Jun 2013: Verifying Credit History

Jun 2013: Communication on Inherited Account

Jun 2013: Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

May 2013: Saving for the Future with a Disability

Apr 2013: Questions Surrounding Term Life Insurance

Mar 2013: US Taxes While Working Abroad

Feb 2013: Roth IRA Distributions

Feb 2013: Coverdell IRA Rolling into 529 Plan

Feb 2013: Survivor Benefits

Dec 2012: 529 Plans for Out-of-Country Institutions

Dec 2012: Paying Former School Loans

Nov 2012: Credit Cards / Debt Collection

Nov 2012: Gifting Foreign Property

Nov 2012: Repayment of PLUS Loan

Oct 2012: Foreign Tax Credit

Oct 2012: Government Assistance for College Costs

Oct 2012: Eligibility for Collecting Survivor Benefits

Oct 2012: College Student Interested in Investing

Sep 2012: Widow(er) Benefits

Sep 2012: Tips to Follow When Selecting a CPA/PFS

Sep 2012: Coverdell ESA and 529 Plan Rollovers

Sep 2012: Options for Existing 401(k) Plan with Former Employer

Sep 2012: Eligibility for Collecting Survivor Benefits

Aug 2012: Borrowing Against a Pending Commission

Aug 2012: Determining Your Appropriate Time to Retire (Financially)

Aug 2012: Collecting Back Child Support from Decedent

Aug 2012: Improving Your Credit Rating

Aug 2012: Earning Credits Toward Social Security at Retirement

Jun 2012: Solo Medical Doctor Looking to Establish SEP's for Practice

May 2012: Seeking College Financial Assistance after Survivor Benefits Run Out

May 2012: Saving Money after a Divorce

May 2012: Rollover 401k to IRA

Apr 2012: F1 Visa and Paying Taxes

Apr 2012: Advice on Allocating Finances During Retirement

Apr 2012: College Preparation with Bad Debt

Apr 2012: Follow up to IRA Conversion Question

Apr 2012: Converting IRA into Roth IRA

Apr 2012: Tax Impacts for 2013

Apr 2012: College Savings For New Baby

Apr 2012: Roth IRA Questions

Mar 2012: Using an IRA to Invest in Rental Properties

Mar 2012: Creating an Emergency Fund- How Much?

Mar 2012: Advice for Paying off Mortgage

Mar 2012: Young Family Needs to Prioritize Expenses for Growing Family

Mar 2012: Army Widow Seeking Advice on Social Security Benefits

Feb 2012: How to Build Credit History

Feb 2012: Fifth Third Offer for New Physician Seeking Mortgage

Jan 2012: Financial Advice for Teens

Jan 2012: Status of a Home Equity Loan after the Mortgage is Paid Off

Dec 2011: Options with a CESA Account

Dec 2011: Financing a Ph.D

Nov 2011: Life Insurance Options